The demand for cosmetic products, health supplements, and healing medication is increasing rapidly lately. The reason behind the immense growth of this industry is that people nowadays are more knowledgeable and are becoming keener towards their health status. Both men and women are now interested in using products that can enhance their physical and mental well-being. Be it about using beautifying products to consuming medicated products, people are now fascinated by this market. Thus, it is a growing opportunity to be one of the Top Third Party Manufacturers in India for all such products.

In what forms are pharma and cosmetic products available in the market?

However, when you will dig into this line, you will come to know that options are abundant. The scope and options are so wide that it is tough to be doing all of them all at once, especially as a starter. So, know about the different variants to choose the best for you.

Capsules and Tablets

This is probably the most common form. The pros are that pills are easy to consume. They do not require any effort or other aid except water. Also, they are very effective in giving quick results. A peculiar tinge of taste can sometimes be a problem here.

Lotions and Creams

Unlike bitter pills, consumers will prefer lotions and creams for not having to be tasted at all. They are rubbed directly on the skin or the affected areas for targeted relief. Easy application is another pro here however messy aftermath can be a downside.


When it comes to offering good antibiotics, being among the top Meropenem Manufacturers in India will undoubtedly be a profitable idea. These are generally available in form of antibiotics as they offer promising results. However, the painful application is a con here.


It can get difficult to give kids pills. Children may also not like the fragrance of lotions. Hence, the most suitable option in such a situation is syrup. Cough syrups are very common as they offer a soothing effect on the soaring throat. The taste may sometimes be a concern in this option also.


Talcum is probably the first thing that comes to mind for this form. Even cosmetics like makeup powder are now available. This form is preferable for having no flavor, easy application, and maybe a decent fragrance. But, it may leave marks on clothes later that can be troublesome.


When it comes to treating eyes or ears, drops are the go-to options. This packing is handy and even good for lesser quantities. Just a squeeze will do the job very well. It is a very effective form of medication and beautifying agent. Skin toners are also available in this form for the same benefits.

Weigh the pros and cons of all these forms to choose the best for your targeted market. Get one, more, or all forms of medication or nourishing products from a reputed firm like Elvia Care. It is not only that form that matters but also the quality ingredients; so select wisely.