Why Us

Elvia Care incorporated in the year 2012. In such a short span of time, it has gained a vast geological border line and customer satisfaction limits. As from the beginning, Elvia has in its mind that the customer satisfaction and quality of products shall be in the top priority list. Elvia care is the most trusted brand since 2012 among many countries such as USA, Canada, CIS and many more. Elvia care has its roots in India and is the major OTC selling brand in India.
Elvia Care is a joint venture of Biochemix Group of Companies. Biochemix group has a vast range 13 companies in the General, Derma, Ayurvedic, Vetenary, Ophthalmic and Psychiatric region. Biochemix has a range of more than 2500 products. Biochemix has been awarded as the FASTEST GROWING PCD COMPANY IN NORTH REGION by CIMS, India. Now Biochemix has joined hands with Elvia Care to launch an OTC division which shall provide products in the regular use of customers such as Sanitizers, Wet Wipes, Feminine Hygienic Wipes, Adult Diapers, Baby Diapers, Sanitary Pads, Vaginal Wash and other personal care items. It is also launching some cosmetic products such as Facial Kits, Face Wash, Moisturisers, Hair Serums, etc.

Elvia care is trying to reach its customers with the best quality products with easy to buy pricing. Elvia care has always tried its best to gain the trust level of its customers by providing best quality and best service orientation.

Elvia Care is been carried over with vision of our highly talented and first generation entrepreneur Mr. Pankaj Arora (Managing Director of Biochemix Healthcare). He has a vast experience in the field of sales and marketing of OTC and Derma products. So, he knew what are the customer demand. He has inculcated all his wealthy experience in making of the Elvia Care brand. He knows the root level marketing, which helps him to focus the comman man needs.
AIM: Elvia Care has an aim to reach every household and fulfill the needs of person in the field of Personal care and Derma